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Since beginning her life coaching practice, LaToya Jacquelyn has been inspired by the powerful transformations my clients have gone through. At the heart of it, I help clients around the world manifest the lives they've always wanted. I'm passionate about leading by example and empowering others to reach their next level of success.
I make sure my services are both fun and engaging. The 'Positive, Passionate, and Purposeful' mentality which I've developed and live by has helped my countless clients achieve profound breakthroughs. Following these three principles can truly bring a major shift in your life.
Based in Orland Hills, I offer one-time, pay-as-you-go coaching sessions that begin with an accelerated 1-hour conversation structure, during which we address areas of defeat, mental exhaustion, and lack of motivation. I also provide my clients with a free email overview which includes actionable bullet points of gratitude, direction, and positive life outlooks. Additionally, my users can access pre-recorded videos that demonstrate thought-provoking exercises and advice, and an enlightening book, 'With Yo Ugly Self' to help them seek a deeper understanding of self-worth and life’s joys.
I'm here to help you build the life you want. Whether it's taking a deeper dive into the unconscious mind, finding fulfillment with work/life balance, or cultivating a successful mindset, I'm here every step of the way. My coaching services can have a major impact on my clients' lives - a fact that I'm proud to witness every day.
If you're feeling frustrated, exhausted, or unaccomplished, I'm here to help you create lasting transformation and fulfillment. Get in touch through my booking form to know more. I'm excited to help make your dreams a reality.

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